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Random Thoughts…

Happy hump day friends (some snowed in) in the great blogosphere. It’s another snowy/icy day in the beautiful Garden State. The twins had a 90-minute delay this morning and both J & L’s schools were closed AGAIN.

Luckily for me my new nanny Wawa (i.e. my mom) is home with the kids and I am sitting all warm and quiet in my cubicle at work. It’s jeans’ day (a rarity here) and they gave us free lunch so YAY ME!

It’s been awhile so I thought I would “treat” everyone to some Random Thoughts:

1) What to watch?
I can’t remember if I told  you or not but back in the summer I got a Netflix subscription. It is THE best $8 a month that I spend!!

For months I would count down the minutes till the boys went to sleep before I could escape to my room with my iPad to binge watch Scandal, Orange is the New Black, House of Cards and Sons of Anarchy.

Olivia, Jax, Frank and Crazy Eyes were my new “friends” and I couldn’t wait to see what they were up to. I would talk about them with friends at work and Mrs. Jeter like they were real people.

Things like Huck is in a box???!!! OMG Jax cut his hair!!!! and  NOT OPIE???!!!! were uttered as much as Hey how are you?

As with all good things, however, my binge watching has come to an end. You see….I have caught up on everything (gasp!).

Sad right??

I have no idea what to do with myself now at night. I read some books (LOVED The Interestings and Me Before You) but now what???

House of Cards starts next week but I need a series with some history and at least 4 seasons to keep me going. Whatdaya think…should I try “The Walking Dead” or “Justified” or maybe “The Following” ?

Help me my blog friends. Please don’t let my binge watching addiction end this way. Any suggestions are appreciated!

2) Winter

I don’t hate winter. In face, there are some things I really like about the winter.

First, I LOVE covering up and hiding my extra 5-10lbs under layers of clothes. You just can’t hide your muffin-top nearly as well in a t-shirts and shorts as you can with a HUGE open cardigan over a pair of skinny jeans and a puffy coat.

Second, winter means I get to break out the tights and boots. Come on admit it…how happy were you when you first saw Kate break out the tights on some of her official royal outings?

Third, and this will be controversial, I like that it gets dark early.

Wait…before you yell and tell me how great it is to be able to hike and be outdoors at 8pm let me explain.

You see, I have 4 boys and one of my favorite times of day is bedtime (if you were ever at my home between the hours of 4-7pm you would understand).

It is 110 times easier to get the kids to sleep in the winter than it is in summer. What kid wants to go to bed when it is sunny out in July?? However, 7pm in January and BAM! Piece of cake.

However, I do have a gripe with winter. It seems like every January I get into a rut.

Maybe it is cabin fever from the polar vortex, my lapse of binge watching on Netflix  or the lack of sunlight in general – is it me or does it always seem more grey in January?

I don’t know what the cause is but I can feel the rut coming on strong.

Well I guess I better quickly find a show to watch, take some vitamin D and hope, despite the groundhog’s prediction last Sunday, that spring comes sooner than later.

3) My Facebook video was dumb

So I am sure you have seen that Facebook turned 10 and to celebrate Mark and the gang gave us the chance to make a highlight video of our time on Facebook.

All day yesterday I watched as friends posted their videos and couldn’t wait to do mine. I waited until I was alone (i.e. locked in the bathroom) and clicked on the link and patiently waited the 5 or so seconds until my video was complete.

The music started and I was ready. OMG I hope I don’t cry, I thought as a 2008 baby picture of my fat, little buddha baby appeared and then…..


I have hundreds of pictures on Facebook. Pictures of the kids, my family and me. Places we have gone and memories we have made. Yet my highlight video was THE most random photo montage ever.

I even tried to make another one to see Facebook would pick better pictures (it didn’t). Oh well I guess you win some and lose some right?

In the hopes of not sounding like a total Debbie Downer Happy 10th Anniversary Facebook!!! Hopefully next time my video will make me cry tears of joy.

Thanks for reading everyone. Have a good night 🙂

**I just watched my video again and ok…it was pretty cute. I am sorry Mark and Facebook!! Thanks for the video!!


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