trying to find myself and humor in life

Chapter 2

Happy Monday to everyone out there in the great blogosphere! The Garden State is adapting to daylight savings time AND a drastic change in temperature with temps close to 50 degrees today –  having survived below zero temps for most of February 50 degrees will basically feel like July.

Last week I brushed the dust off my blog and attempted a comeback via Blogging 101 which is going a little slower than I had anticipated.

I had visions of jumping back into blogging at full force, cranking out witty and engaging posts daily and now here we are at day 7 and I published ONE post.

Well it’s a new week and I have a plan. In one of my past blogging blocks, I had read an idea about reading over older, unpublished posts that may have gotten lost in your drafts.

Good idea right?

I thought so too and earlier I glanced at my drafts and found this just sitting there. I have no idea why it was never finished but today is as good a day as any right?

Plus this post talks about me getting a new job and tomorrow will be my 1-year anniversary at that new job. It’s fate right? (lol)

So without further ado, I give you “Chapter 2”

ps – Rather than finish this post, I thought it would be fun to do a  “where is she now” ending.

The post you are about to read was drafted in March 2014

Happy Tuesday Wednesday everyone can you believe it’s March already??!! Heck, I just heard on the radio that this weekend is Daylight Savings Time??!!!

A couple of minutes ago, it hit me that I have blogged for 2 years – where did that time go!

I know it sounds cliché but it seems like yesterday that I was sitting at my kitchen table terrified to  hit “publish” on my first post.

A lot has happened and changed over the past 2 years. Really good stuff, really bad stuff and everything in between – such is life right?

To date, I have published close to 180 posts and probably a quarter of them have been me whining about my career/mid-life/unhappiness/unfulfillment.

Let me apologize now.

I’ve heard all the clichés You have to take life by the horns….nothing in life is free….Go after what you want…Anything worth having is worth working for.

Let me also not forget all the inspirational (and sometimes annoying) Facebook quotes about getting what you want and being a strong woman yada yada yada.

While I agree with those sayings – heck, I have even shared and re-posted them on my Facebook timeline – saying it and actually doing it are 2 VERY different things especially if you are in a 13-year comfort zone.

Well it wasn’t easy, it took a lot of pushing, baby steps and some tough love BUT I am happy to say that I DID IT – I GOT A NEW JOB!

Sure in the grand scheme of things, getting a new job is not that big of a deal. People change jobs and careers all the time, it’s the way the world works. However, for me this was a HUGE thing.

I have been at my current job for 13 years…THIRTEEN YEARS! That’s a lifetime in this day in age.

In November 2000, we had entered a new millennium, survived Y2K, had and Facebook did not exist – can you even imagine or remember what that was like? There was no social media, in fact I don’t think that phrase was even coined yet. There were no smart phones, iPads, Androids and apps.

Google was not part of our everyday language and the Twin Towers were still standing at Ground Zero.

There I was newly wed and living in an apartment in Central New Jersey trying my best to find a good bagel store (they don’t exist). Never did I dream that 13 years later I would be working at the same job with 4 boys and a bunch of gray hair!

Back then I was extremely shy (yes I really really was shy) and my face would turn a 100 shades of red if someone dared to speak to me in a public setting…..

Not sure why I never completed that post, it had so much potential. As I read through it I was a little sad, I had forgotten how easy it used to be for me to just write.

I remember how i felt writing that, I was so optimistic and excited to start my new adventure. It was life-changing and I thought for sure it was “my time” to shine – cliché I know.

March 10, 2015 will mark one year since I started my new job.

It has been a mix of good, bad and what-the-hell-was-I-thinking days.

Overall it has been a good learning experience. Change is good and there is a reason it exists. We can’t grow and evolve if we stay in our  “comfort zone” year after year.

Am I 100% happy and fulfilled in the job of my dreams? Hell no! But at least it’s a start. Fingers crossed there is something awesome lurking on the horizon.

Thanks for reading 🙂

ps – I am not at 184 posts and 3 years of blogging :0


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