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Thank heaven for little boys….

TGIF everyone out there in the great blogosphere!! It is FINALLY Friday after what has been a VERY looooooong week here in the Garden State.

Temps are dropping and it’s starting to feel like fall. Pumpkin lattes are out in abundance and almost every female in my office has pulled out their tights/riding boots uniform (a sure sign of fall).

I have had an enormous about of mommy guilt lately – I started to blog about it but in typical me fashion, it is still sitting in my “draft” folder.

Mommy guilt is a beast and can hit a non-suspecting mom at anytime without warning. Seriously, you can be strolling the aisles in Target debating which brand of cookies to buy when BAM! it hits

OMG why didn’t I let Matthew try out for the flag football tournament 2 weeks ago? Now his flag football career is ruined and it is all my fault!


Why do the boys not have their math facts down yet? If “we” don’t get better at them what will happen when Mrs. X starts teaching multiplication next month? 

*Please note not all my mommy guilt is superficial, I also have guilt over serious things but I will save that for another blog.

Anyway, work has been very slow lately which means Nikki has had a LOT of time on her hands – this is NEVER a good thing for me as too much time equals dwelling (yikes!).

I can’t remember what I was dwelling about late this morning, probably something trivial like is a trip to Starbucks worth losing my parking spot at work, when I got a text from my nanny (a/k/a my mom) telling me that my youngest needed to speak with me ASAP.

Mr. L has lost his iPod touch for the weekend so I assumed he wanted to explain how he deserves to play Minecraft for the next 3 days. Preparing for a tantrum I slowly dialed the phone…

Nanny: Lucas, mommy is on the phone.

Lucas: Mommy? Hi Mommy! C invited me to his birthday party AND it’s at a trampoline place!

Me: He did??!! That’s great???!!! You have been wanting to go there. Are you excited?

Lucas: Yes. He invited me and 2 girls. Maybe his brodders will come too. Ok bye…I love you!

Me: I love you too!

Lucas: I LOVE YOU!

awwwwww he melted my heart!! If only we could all be that young and innocent again.

Happy Friday and thanks for reading!


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2 thoughts on “Thank heaven for little boys….

  1. That was a nice phone call to have. Enjoy your weekend

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