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My Big Girl Night Out

Cover of "The Hunger Games"

Cover of The Hunger Games

A night out is not an easy thing for me and Mrs. Jeter. It requires weeks of planning and schedule rearranging (and permission from the husbands). But last night, after months of anticipation it was finally our big night….to see The Hunger Games. The last couple days were a flurry of texts about what time to meet (Mrs. Jeter MUST watch the previews), do we buy tickets in advance and would there be drinks after???

 Mrs. Jeter, Midgie and I had been waiting for this night since we caught a glimpse of the movie trailer in the fall. Finally we would see  Katniss, Peeta, Haymitch  and Gael on the big screen AND we were going to an 8:45pm movie (this in itself is an accomplishment for me since I am usually halfway to bed by 8:30pm).

Midgie (my adorable 27yo friend) picked me up at 8pm and off we went. All the way there we giggled about what Peeta would look like and if the movie would live up to the book. We found Mrs. Jeter (with a soda and m&ms in hand) and got settled into our seats. The movie was awesome (I LOVE Katniss and Peeta) even if the premise is sort of sick.

It was not after 11pm and I am wide awake (wow). Midgie and I decided to get a drink (Mrs. Jeter had a migraine). I tried to hide my yawns all the way to TGI Fridays (how do the big kids stay up this late??). When we pull into the parking lot Midge commented on how empty it looked but we ventured in nonetheless. The music was pumping and we took 2 seats at the bar – to be told that we missed last call and had to leave. Really? It was 11:36 the Thursday before spring break. Ok, off we went to bar #2. This parking lot looked fuller so we headed in and only to be told they were closed too.  I felt like I was on Candid Camera, how could all the bars be closed before midnight? Where were we that town from Footloose??!

Midgie suggested we try one last spot, this local bar called City Streets. She had been there the night before (she is young remember) and was pretty sure it was open and if we were lucky there would be karaoke.

City Streets was open but the crowd was ummm….how can I word this…..interesting. They varied in age from 50 (the balding dj in tapered jeans mixing Bon Jovi with Bruno Mars) to early 20s. I felt like Midgie’s mom when we sat at a table but decided I’d be a “big girl” and get a beer (Blue Moon).

We toasted each other and began to people watch. Look at the drunk girl dancing alone, how sad is that old woman sitting at the bar alone (in “mom jeans” and sneakers) and OMG is this what dating is like in the year 2012???!!

Midgie, being Midgie, saw people she knew and I pretended to be busy on my phone. Suddenly I was approached by a “gentleman” with long dirty braids and crooked teeth. He sat down next to me (uninvited) and started telling me I was BEAU-TI-FUL. I looked to Midge for help (she laughed) and ignored braid man until he left. Whew!

Holy crap, it was now 1am, the kids would be up in 5 hours! I needed to go before I turned into a pumpkin. Midge went to settle the tab when this kid (who had obviously taken a bath in cologne from CVS) sauntered over. He looked at me, tilted his head and said (in his most seductive voice) se habla espanol to which I replied HUH? He asked me 3 more times before it was established that I spoke no espanol. Oblivious to my annoyance, he stuck around and used his next big pick up line where you from?

Really, is this the best he’s got? I told him my town which led to this wait, aren’t you latino? are you sure you aren’t from Spain or somewhere like that?  OMG where the hell is Midge, our tab consisted of 2 beers???

Safely back in Midgie’s Scion we laughed till our sides hurt. Midge told me I should be proud, I got hit on 2x in one night!!

It was almost 1:30am when I tip-toed into the house. I had turned back into a “pumpkin” and turned off the lights and ran the dishwasher. My big girl night on the town was over and I can’t wait to plan the next one.


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