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Hail, Hail go AWAY!

I am not loving the Daily Prompts the past couple days, however, I told myself I would do them so here goes.

Daily Prompt: You’re at the beach with some friends and/or family, enjoying the sun, nibbling on some watermelon. All of a sudden, within seconds, the weather shifts and hail starts descending from the sky. Write a post about what happens next.

I foresee 2 very different endings for me.

#1 Beach WITH kids: 

It’s hot and it feels like we have been at the beach for hours (it’s only been 2 hours). The kids are fighting over a broken shovel

Mommmmmmmm Jake took the shovel! It’s MY shovel give it back! MOM Jake hit me with the shovel.

and the husband is passed out in his beach chair. God it’s hot, did I mention it’s hot? Now Lucas needs to use the bathroom.

The twins want a snack but are whining, as they stand on my clean towel,  because the chips taste like sand since their hands are caked in wet sand.

Jake get back over here, you need more sunblock, I yell while digging through the 40 bags we lugged to the beach. Ugh, where did I put the sunblock?

The sky gets dark and in seconds the umbrella is flying down the beach. I am just about to “run” after it when suddenly giant pieces of hail start falling from the sky.

YES!! It’s a sign from the heavens.

Kids, wake up dad and let’s pack it up! We are going for ice cream!

#2 Beach WITHOUT kids

I’m settled in my lounge chair under the umbrella with a pina colada in hand. The sun is shifting and I contemplate moving my chair to absorb some of the rays – I know the sun is bad but a girl needs some vitamin d.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, I sigh, this is THE life.

No kids AND no husband. Just me on the beach with my drink and my bestie.  Mrs. Jeter is with me napping in the other chair, an ear bud dangling by her neck.

I am so glad we were able to sneak away and pull this little beach adventure off. The nanny thinks I am at work at an “off-site meeting” and Jeter told her husband she had a conference.

We met up at a secret rendezvous spot (i.e. Panera Bread) and changed into our “resort wear” in the bathroom.

It’s not an all-day adventure, we only have a few hours (3.5 to be exact) but we plan on making the most of every last second.

On the way down the Parkway, we relived the beach days of our youth – summer shares and nights on the boardwalk – as we listened to the beach play list Jeter made.

Life is good.

Hey, why is it so windy? Wait a second, where did the sun go? Jeter, wake up, what is going on?!

OMG everyone is packing up and running off the beach…is that hail falling??? 

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not today, this is my day!!!

Jeter and I look up at the sky and then at each other.

Simultaneously, we each pull up the hoods on our cover-ups, move our chairs under the umbrella and grab the umbrella’s base.

NO WAY we are leaving. We’re Jersey girls, a little hail can’t scare us off the beach!

Thanks for reading and Happy Hump Day!


My pseudo long, lost daughter

This past Tuesday I was given the honor of chaperoning the annual PLD Kindergarten Class Trip 2013. Please…hold your applause (for now at least). It really wasn’t that big a deal. Pretty much everyone asked to  chaperone picked but still, for me it’s the little things in life (LOL).

So at 8:50am me and some hot mama chaperones (Mrs. Mayor and Hot T-ball Mom) boarded the big, yellow school bus for our destination Jenkinson’s Aquarium in Pt. Pleasant, NJ (Yay Jersey Shore!!).

Oh, I jumped ahead of myself, before boarding the bus, we were each assigned a list of “monkeys” (the kids we would be chaperoning). Mrs. Mayor and HTM were each given 4 kids while I hit the jack pot with just my kid J (the quiet twin) and his friend L.

YES!! Only 2 kids how great is that??!!  I thought. You see, I was just a tad bit nervous about this whole chaperone thing….because….well….I am not really good with kids.

Yes, I know, I have 4 but they are mine. I carried them for 9 months and gained 80lb, 50lb and 50lb respectively. They belong to me and I am obligated to love and care for them – JUST KIDDING – I love my kids but they are MINE.

And being mine they “get me” and know what they can/can not get away with. My boys know all my “looks” and that when I call their name using a certain tone that they are in BIG TROUBLE.

I shared my concerns about chaperoning with the husband and he said not to worry and  stay close to HTM (she’s a teacher in real life) and everything would be fine.

Finally the 2 school buses were loaded with 73 kindergarten kids and off we went.

Have you even been on a school bus with 40-something 5-6 year olds on a class trip??? If you have not been lucky enough to experience it, I really don’t know how to accurately describe the noise level.

I guess it was equivalent to when Mrs. Jeter and I had floor seats to Bon Jovi back in 2001 and could barely hear ourselves for the 2 plus hours we were there.

Holy crap can those kids yell!!! OMG it never stopped. Between that, the annoying dad chaperone who thought it was “fun” to do knock-knock jokes the ENTIRE ride and L and S who could not stop hitting/kicking/touching it was a long ride and this mama was missing her coffee.

Finally we arrived at the aquarium and the teacher Mrs. P told us we had to break up into groups of 17 (wtf??). I had just started gathering my stuff to get off the bus when I heard Mrs. P call my name. Uh oh…

Mrs. L?? One of our mommies did NOT show up to chaperone so I am giving you 2 kids from the am class in addition to the 2 you have. That’s ok right? Oh, by the way, they are 2 girls – Sam and Karis.


Mrs. Mayor and HTM laughed (a lot) as we tried to get our 17 kids to stand in a line. It was like herding cats getting these kids to not only stand but form a line. Here are some highlights:

L stand on the white line, no the white line in front of you…it’s right there. No, S you can not sit on the ground, you need to stand up, stop crab-walking. J get back in line, no the white line. S stop touching L. Boys and girls can we all stand in a straight line??? Please??? and finally Hey! whoever does not stand on the white line has to go back on the bus!

Mrs. P then told us that we had some time to kill and that we could either take our groups on the beach or walk the board walk. We unanimously picked beach.

O-M-G was I really on the beach???? Us moms were trying to take it all in. The beach, the salt air and the sun while also looking around for any visible damage leftover from Hurricane Sandy.

Just as I was trying to take a picture of myself with the ocean in the background (to post on FB of course) Mrs. P walked Sam and Karis over to me. Girls, this is Mrs. L you make sure you stay with her today ok? Yes they chanted in unison.

When I looked down at them to say hi, I was drawn to Karis. She was THE cutest little thing!! Long, brown hair with the sides pinned up wearing cute pants. Her smile was huge and she had big brown eyes and was always smiling. You could just tell she was a sweet girl and would be a pleasure to chaperone – unlike L who was throwing sand.

I was commenting to Mrs. Mayor how cute she was when Mrs. Mayor said ha, she could be like the daughter you never had.

OMG that was it….Karis was the epitome of what I always thought my little Ava/Hanna/Grace/Abby/Bryn would look like and grow up to be. I was smitten ❤

Throughout the field trip I watched all my “kids” but always kept my eye on J (because he was mine) and Karis (because she was supposed to be mine). I watched her interact with the other kids, touch the starfish and squeal with delight when Lucy the Seal came out to say “Hi.”

During lunch I had to help her open her water and she was telling me all about her new little brother and her little sister and how her aunts and cousins and grandparents are staying with her in her house – but they don’t live there all the time. SOOOOO freakin’ cute.

It was such a change from the Lego, Ninjago, poop and Skylander talk me and my men have.  I love my boys and would never trade them n in but I can’t help but wonder what it would have been like to have had just 1 girl.

Someone to dress up in pink and take for manicures and to the mall. Someone who would never “leave” me the way all boys eventually do when they get married and start their own lives.

I am often asked if I will ever “try for the girl” and my answer is NO! that shop is closed tight!! God has a plan for me and it did not involve girls – although I did give it my all (lol).

73 kids waiting patiently in line

73 kids waiting patiently in line

My Quiet Twin

My Quiet Twin

Summer is almost here!

Summer is almost here!

Heaven is a place on Earth – for 3 hours and 10 minutes anyway

Mrs. Jeter & Me

A few months back, Mrs. Jeter and I came up with our very own “bucket list.” Unlike the typical “bucket list” ours did not consist of jumping out of an airplane or climbing Mt. Everest. Ours was a simpler list consisting of an all-day Seinfeld marathon, getting tattoos and a beach day without kids AND red Solo cups (it’s a work in progress).

Between the 2 of us, Mrs. Jeter and I have 6 kids, each with a different camp/school schedule (not to mention some with ASD), full-time jobs and spoiled husbands which leaves us with ZERO time for ourselves. However, we were determined to cross at least one thing off our list this summer.

This past Friday, our determination, with a little divine intervention, paid off and at 9:15am we found ourselves on 195 south heading toward Pt. Pleasant. Yes, Mrs. Jeter and I were about to embark on our first ever beach trip together with NO KIDS!!

There was just one problem, I had to be back to “reality” by 3pm to pick the twins up from camp. That only left us a little over 3 hours of beach time, would that be enough??  After minimal debate it was decided that 3 hours was better than 0 hours so the plan was set.

We met up in the Panera parking lot and must have looked like a couple of teenagers jumping up and down and giggling. OMG it was really happening, we were really going down the shore!!!

We threw our bags into Mrs. Jeter’s minivan and took a quick inventory – chairs (check), umbrella (check), iPhones (check), red Solo cups…damn it no cups! Ugh, how the heck would we consume the margaritas I had stashed in my cute Vera Bradley cooler with no cups?

Wait, I had an idea, I could run into Panera and buy 2 iced teas – quench our thirst AND re-use the cups for Jose Cuervo. Problem solved and we were on our way.

The ride to Pt. Pleasant flew by as we reminisced of summers past – drinking at the Tiki Bar, baking in the sun for hours (and hours with an spf of 10) and summer shares. Mrs. Jeter was even able to spot one of the houses she had rented like 15 years ago. I offered to take her picture in front of it but she passed.

We parked in the closest lot (what’s $15 when we had 3 hours of beach time ahead of us) and ran up to the boardwalk. Together we just stood there, chairs in hand, in complete and utter amazement. Are we really here? Is the sun really shining? Are the kids and husbands really not here?

We paid for our beach tags and bolted to find the perfect beach spot – preferably far away from any skinny girls in skimpy bikinis. We set up camp quickly and settled into our chairs before letting out a huge, collective AHHHHHHHHHH!!

The next 3 hours were nothing short of bliss. For 3 hours we had NOTHING to worry about. There were no drinks to pour, no phones to answer or work assignments due. Instead we sat in beach chairs, facing the water, sipping margaritas under the hot, August sun smiling and laughing.

All good things must come to an end and our beach day ended WAY TOO SOON. It felt like I had just sat down and before I was packing up and preparing for the car ride home – NO!!!!!

We decided to give ourselves one last treat before heading home and dined on ice cream (soft serve vanilla/chocolate swirl) for lunch. It was THE perfect ending to THE perfect day.

It hasn’t even been a week and already my beach day seems like a lifetime ago. Pretty soon I won’t remember what we talked (the drama of KPatt and our love of Magic Mike, obliques and Princess Kate) but I will always have my beach memories (and some pictures) to help jog my memory every now and then.

Thanks Mrs. Jeter!! Next item off the list – tattoos!!

This is NOT lemonade

Maybe Life is a Beach after all

Over Memorial Day the husband and I attempted to take the kids to the beach. The in-laws live on LBI and that is “what you do” on Memorial Day right? Our day at the beach was stressful and annoying and I swore I would not attempt a beach trip again for a very long time.

Fast forward to this past Friday night. I was making some returns at The Loft (don’t you love price adjustments?) and I had this nagging feeling in the back of my head that I needed to come up with something for the kids to do on Saturday. The twins had been out of school a week and by 4pm Friday they were bored, hot, tired and sick of playing with their brothers.

Hmmmm, what to do?? The husband was off from work (a rarity) and it was supposed to be nice out. I know – let’s go to the beach! I came home and told the husband my idea and he just stared at me. You want to go to the beach on a Saturday? It will take all day to get down Route 72 on a Saturday in June are you insane? was his response.

No wait, I have an idea. We will leave for LBI after lunch this way we will miss the turnover traffic and if we take the kids to the beach later in the afternoon, it won’t be as crowded and hot. We can even bring the kids pjs and bathe and change them at your mom’s and then when they fall asleep in the van we can carry them up to bed.  It’s win-win for everyone!!

So there we were around 2pm on Saturday heading to LBI. There was barely any traffic and we were able to get there under 2 hours (with 2 stops). The kids settled in and had some juice boxes before we headed over to the beach. You would have thought we were going to be gone for a week with the amount of stuff we crammed in the beach cart – chairs, an umbrella, towels, drinks and enough toys for every kid on the beach.

We headed up the beach path and when we reached the top it was amazing the beach was empty! OMG we not only had our pick of beach spots but the kids had the run of the beach. They could run, throw sand and scream and it wouldn’t bother anyone (except maybe the cute couple sharing a blanket not too far from us).

Dare I say it was one of the best beach days I ever had. I was able to sit in a chair and just watch the kids in amazement. How can it be that I have kids? I remember spending hours, alone in my beach chair, carefully calculating the best angle for tanning with my only worries being if I remembered my book or that the umbrella would fly away if I fell asleep. Now here I was sitting in a beach chair with wheels (my in-laws chairs) watching 4 crazy boys run all over the beach like they had been locked away in windowless room their entire life.

On the ride home that night I thought about the day in shock. We were able to take the kids to the beach AND have a good time AND have no drama?? WOW wonders never cease do they?!

I am sure the next time we head to LBI it as perfect but a girl can dream.

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