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Heaven is a place on Earth – for 3 hours and 10 minutes anyway

Mrs. Jeter & Me

A few months back, Mrs. Jeter and I came up with our very own “bucket list.” Unlike the typical “bucket list” ours did not consist of jumping out of an airplane or climbing Mt. Everest. Ours was a simpler list consisting of an all-day Seinfeld marathon, getting tattoos and a beach day without kids AND red Solo cups (it’s a work in progress).

Between the 2 of us, Mrs. Jeter and I have 6 kids, each with a different camp/school schedule (not to mention some with ASD), full-time jobs and spoiled husbands which leaves us with ZERO time for ourselves. However, we were determined to cross at least one thing off our list this summer.

This past Friday, our determination, with a little divine intervention, paid off and at 9:15am we found ourselves on 195 south heading toward Pt. Pleasant. Yes, Mrs. Jeter and I were about to embark on our first ever beach trip together with NO KIDS!!

There was just one problem, I had to be back to “reality” by 3pm to pick the twins up from camp. That only left us a little over 3 hours of beach time, would that be enough??  After minimal debate it was decided that 3 hours was better than 0 hours so the plan was set.

We met up in the Panera parking lot and must have looked like a couple of teenagers jumping up and down and giggling. OMG it was really happening, we were really going down the shore!!!

We threw our bags into Mrs. Jeter’s minivan and took a quick inventory – chairs (check), umbrella (check), iPhones (check), red Solo cups…damn it no cups! Ugh, how the heck would we consume the margaritas I had stashed in my cute Vera Bradley cooler with no cups?

Wait, I had an idea, I could run into Panera and buy 2 iced teas – quench our thirst AND re-use the cups for Jose Cuervo. Problem solved and we were on our way.

The ride to Pt. Pleasant flew by as we reminisced of summers past – drinking at the Tiki Bar, baking in the sun for hours (and hours with an spf of 10) and summer shares. Mrs. Jeter was even able to spot one of the houses she had rented like 15 years ago. I offered to take her picture in front of it but she passed.

We parked in the closest lot (what’s $15 when we had 3 hours of beach time ahead of us) and ran up to the boardwalk. Together we just stood there, chairs in hand, in complete and utter amazement. Are we really here? Is the sun really shining? Are the kids and husbands really not here?

We paid for our beach tags and bolted to find the perfect beach spot – preferably far away from any skinny girls in skimpy bikinis. We set up camp quickly and settled into our chairs before letting out a huge, collective AHHHHHHHHHH!!

The next 3 hours were nothing short of bliss. For 3 hours we had NOTHING to worry about. There were no drinks to pour, no phones to answer or work assignments due. Instead we sat in beach chairs, facing the water, sipping margaritas under the hot, August sun smiling and laughing.

All good things must come to an end and our beach day ended WAY TOO SOON. It felt like I had just sat down and before I was packing up and preparing for the car ride home – NO!!!!!

We decided to give ourselves one last treat before heading home and dined on ice cream (soft serve vanilla/chocolate swirl) for lunch. It was THE perfect ending to THE perfect day.

It hasn’t even been a week and already my beach day seems like a lifetime ago. Pretty soon I won’t remember what we talked (the drama of KPatt and our love of Magic Mike, obliques and Princess Kate) but I will always have my beach memories (and some pictures) to help jog my memory every now and then.

Thanks Mrs. Jeter!! Next item off the list – tattoos!!

This is NOT lemonade

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