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Lunch Date with…..the husband

Plan B Menu

Plan B Menu (Photo credit: Qi-Guang)

After lunch last week, IT Guy and I decided that we are past the initial “dating” stage and at a point where we can be ourselves. For IT this means we can eat at Cheeburger Cheeburger and/or  Steak & Hoagie. For me, it means I didn’t  have to go out of my way to iron an outfit before work. 

Honestly, I hadn’t expected another lunch date for a couple of weeks based on our “dating” history, so I was surprised to get an email email asking if  I was free for lunch on Wednesday.

After a little debate, Cheeburger Cheeburger was chosen, mostly  because IT had heard you could get your picture taken holding a stuffed cheeseburger if you were able to consume some absurd amount of beef in one sitting (boys will be boys).

I mentioned my “date” to the husband last night and he made a face before saying Again? 

This morning I was making lunch for J and I toyed with the idea of making myself a ham sandwich. What if IT cancels  I will have nothing to eat.  Nah, he won’t cancel again.

I logged into my computer today and the first email I see had this written in the re line need to postpone lunch. Damn it, I should have made that sandwich after all!!

In his defense, someone was in the hospital and he had sent the email the night before so I wouldn’t whine that I had no lunch be without lunch. However, since I refuse to hook my work email up to my Iphone I sat at my desk with nothing for lunch but some lifesavers and a can of tuna.  Then an idea hit me, I’ll email the husband and ask if he wants to go to lunch!

Our text exchange went like this:

me: My date was canceled.

him: lol, why?

me: I dunno, someone was sick….wanna meet at the Tale?

him: K…you gonna pick me up?

I know, you are jealous of how alive our romance is after 12 years right?

Anyway, I picked up the husband at 12:20 and the first thing he says is OOOHHH…so you dress up for your dates huh? To which I reply Uh no, you never see me in my ‘work clothes’ this is how I look everyday. And off we went to the Tiger’s Tale.

After sitting in traffic (Hubby hates traffic) we got situated at a table in the bar and flipped through the menus. We made small talk over what to order, how the kids were after he left for work and if we would have a birthday cake for J tonight.

The waitress came to take our order (she was WAY too happy) and we stared at each other as only a married couple of 12 years with 4 kids could. Finally I broke the silence I am surprised you said yes to lunch?

The husband looks at me and smirks before saying Well yeah, I showed your text to Rick and he said I was your Plan B. But i figured we never go to lunch – and I may have points to use toward the bill (The Tale awards points for each purchase that can be redeemed at a later date).

After we were finshed and waiting for Happy Waitress to bring the check I asked the husband if he thought I would blog about our date. He started laughing (hard). What? What are you laughing at? I asked.

Still laughing  Rick told me he felt a blog coming on when you asked me to go to lunch  he said while pretending to be typing on the table.

I wasn’t sure if I should be insulted or not so I told the husband that our lunch was not blogworthy and asked if he was ready to go.

Later that afternon, I sat at my desk daydreaming (and stapling – my career is very exciting) and thought it was kind of funny that I texted the husband for a lunch date only after IT Guy canceled AND that he said yes AND called himself Plan B.

Well hubby, here you go, your first blog. I hope you enjoy it and thanks for lunch!! 

ps – Rick, I did not almost “run you over” in the parking lot 


My 2nd “date” with the IT Guy

I have really been milking my birthday these past couple weeks. To date I’ve had a bday dinner with my friend L, a night away with the husband and a happy hour with Mrs. Jeter and Midgie. I figured by the time Memorial Day rolled around I would be all birthday’d out until…. IT Guy asked me on a 2nd lunch “date”.

As you may remember, IT and I had our first “date” a month or so ago at On the Border. It was my first “date” since 1997 and I was a nervous wreck before hand with thoughts of What if IT didn’t like me? What if he never emailed me again or ignored me in the hallway? What if I never had anyone to go to lunch with again??!

All that worrying was for naught because IT and I had a lovely lunch, although it was the tiniest bit awkward and a little weird.

Anyway, last week IT emailed me and asked if I would be up for a birthday lunch on Tuesday (Midgie had reminded him). I played it off cool and said that would be nice, quickly texting Midgie to keep her apprised of the situation.

Tuesday came and I made sure to iron before leaving for work in preparation for my date. I got to my desk and there was a voicemail from IT canceling our date. It seems he had to make a diaper run to Target for his wife but he promised to reschedule. Damn no lunch AND I didn’t bring anything with me!

IT emailed the following day asking if I was free on Wednesday (yesterday). He said it was his treat since it was my birthday (and I was now his elder). A free lunch was rare and I was excited. My excitement was soon squashed, however,  when IT threw out his 2 date suggestions 1) Steak & Hoagie or 2) Romeos for pizza.


The buffalo cheese steak is to die for IT raved on the phone. No, I couldn’t bring myself to eat a the hoagie place down the street so I came up with Ruby Tuesdays for the $5 margaritas, and offered to go dutch. IT was sold!

We met in the lobby, so as not to have our co-workers start rumors (lol), and I told IT he had to drive since I had the husband’s Expedition and backing up was not an option for me (don’t ask). 

Lunch was more relaxed than last time.  IT seemed more at ease and neither of  us felt the need to  down our margaritas in one gulp. We discussed getting old and birthdays and a bunch of other stuff I can’t remember. The only real awkward moment(s) were when we approached a door. IT didn’t know if he should hold it open for me or walk in front – I let him hold it, I am a lady after all.

IT is a bit of a clock watcher so after an hour and 5 or so minutes he was inching his way out of the booth (typical man!). On the elevator ride up to work I thanked him lunch (he treated) and promised to take him to Steak & Hoagie for his birthday in July. We parted ways when the elevator opened and quickly (IT more than me) went back to our desks.

Another successful “date” under my belt.

My “Date” with the IT Guy

The Dating Game

The Dating Game (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It has been a looooooong time since I have been on a date. I have been with the husband for 15 years and married for almost 12. When the husband and I met there was no internet, no texting and no Facebook (gasp!). We communicated by telephone (he had an actual land line) and would leave each other messages, on an answering machine,  if we were not home.  The late 90s were a “simpler” time.

Last week I went on a lunch “date” with the IT Guy from work. Wait, don’t get all uptight thinking I cheated on the husband. It was a “date” in the sense that I went out with a man, to lunch in a restaurant but that was it. It was really quite innocent and extremely weird at the same time. 

It all came about when my bff at work Midgie left in December to start a new job (please see my blog Work Friend, Real Friend or Both?). Midgie was friends with EVERYONE in the office (she was one of those young, cute, happy people who others gravitate to) and me and IT Guy would usually talk because of her.

There was the occasional happy hour or office party or maybe some sarcastic banter in the hallway but that was it.  When Midgie left we were both heartbroken and would complain to each other (me more) about how lonely we I was.

A couple of weeks ago IT and I met Midgie for drinks after work and she encouraged us to go to lunch and be friends. We laughed and changed the subject since neither one of us rarely left our desks, let alone the office, at lunch.

Then last week I got an email from IT that said i’m up for lunch if you are free Thursday.

O-M-G IT was asking me on a “date”. What should I do? How do I respond? What do I say? I didn’t want to appear desparate or too eager so I tried to think back to the old days when I followed “The Rules” . I wrote back K and put the ball in his court.

Days went by and I heard NOTHING from IT. Ugh, this was just like is was when I was single. I called Midgie who laughed and told me to just ask him when and where the “date” would be. Uh no, we are still in the email stage and I can’t look too eager I responded.

Finally IT sent me another email what time are we going to lunch?

OMG it’s official, we are going out. What will we talk about? Who will drive? What will I do if there is awkward silence (IT is a little shy).

The night before the big “date” I told the husband. He laughed, told me to have fun and handed me his fortune cookie that said “a new romance may start for you”.

On the way into work on Thursday I called Midge for a pep talk. She laughed (hard) and said it would be fine. She reminded me that IT was no George Clooney and that we were going to On the Border so I would be fine. Midgie didn’t get it. I hadn’t been on a date in forever and I didn’t want to blow my chance for a new work friend/lunch buddy.

Finally it was noon. IT and I met in the lobby downstairs and greeted each other awkwardly and walked to his car with neither one of us really talking. Great, if the “date” continues like this no way will there be a second one, I thought to myself.

The drive to On the Border takes about 10 minutes but it felt much longer. I made idle conversation asking him about his wife and son as he played around with the radio.

I thought we would sit at the bar or at an outside table but IT asked for a table for 2 so we were shoved in a booth. Ugh, this is so weird, I wish Midge was here!!

The margaritas could not come fast enough and when they did arrive you have never seen 2 people grab a drink so fast. Conversation mostly revolved around Midgie and our families with a little shop talk here and there. We laughed and made fun of co-workers and realized we had some stuff in common (same age, college, kids).

Afterwards, IT and I rode the elevator up to the office and parted ways in the lobby. I texted Midgie immediately and told her to email IT to see if he had a nice time on our “date.” Midge thought I had lost my mind (or was drunk) but did it anyway. IT told her it was “magical”.

I don’t know if IT and I will go out again. We havent really seen each other since the big “date”  but at least I have a funny story to share with my friends.

Honey, I “forgot” to feed the kids lunch today

French bread sandwich with fries.

French bread sandwich with fries. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t leave the husband alone with the 4 kids all that often. There are food-shopping trips on a Sunday or a Target run but that is never more than an hour or two so it’s not a big deal.  If I know I will be gone longer I try to do as much as I can before I leave (feed/dress kids, crock pot, etc) to ensure it’s an easy day for both the husband and me.

Today I was meeting a friend for lunch and I knew I would be gone at least 3-4 hours. It was a sunny Saturday so I figured the husband would just play around with the kids outside most of the morning. The boys were THRILLED that daddy was home from work today. I dressed the younger kids and made sure everyone had breakfast before I left.

Lunch was great. It was so fun to be out with another adult who is funny, smart and interesting. We chatted away about everything from playdates to baby showers to whether a bridesmaid dress can ever be re-used (NO!). Apparently we were having a little too much fun because after 2 hours, our waitress (with the bright purple eyeshadow) told us we had to leave because we were taking up her table (you can imagine the tip that remark earned her).

I was in a good mood on the way home and decided to stop for margarita mix. I texted the husband to see if he needed anything. Thinking he would say beer you can imagine my surprise when I got this as a response

yes, lunch for kids

Huh? It was 2pm, how  could the kids not have eaten lunch by 2?! My blood pressure rose as I drove home after making a stop at DD for munchkins (the lunch of champions). The kids ran up to me and the munchkins like they had been on a deserted island without food or water for months.

I thought I would try a new approach with the husband. Instead of pouncing when I saw him, I handed him an iced coffee and asked how his day was. As he sipped the ice coffee I asked how exactly it was that the kids had not eaten, by now it was 2:30. His response was very matter of fact, Oh, I forgot and they wanted to wait for you to get home.

Ok here is my problem, how do you “forget” to feed 4 boys lunch? Maybe if the kids were infants the husband could forget what time a bottle was due or that the baby could have applesauce. However, when you have 4 boys who range in age from 5-2, how do you just “forget” to feed them? The husband remembers to feed himself. I met him when he was 30 and he was not starving by any means. He remembers to feed himself  lunch at work and he is capable of getting a beer from the fridge so it can’t be a physical problem.

I started to worry that there was something wrong with the husband.  He is older than me, could he be losing his mind? Can you get Alzheimer’s at his age?  Worried I confided in my friends and was SHOCKED by what they told me.  Their husbands do the same thing – they “forget” to feed their children, and even change a diaper, while they are out!

OMG it’ s an epidemic among husband and fathers!! What should we as moms and wives do? Is there a pill they can take or a class that will “remind” them to feed their children? Do we try to get a government grant to study this problem and see if there is a cure?

I am going to think about this a little more. I guess for now I will just have to prep the kids to remind daddy to feed them if mommy isn’t home, after all the kids NEVER have a problem telling me that they are hungry/thirsty. I’ll keep you posted on my progress

The Lunch Fairy

A lunch sits on a blue tablecloth with a brown...

Image via Wikipedia

Dear Lunch Fairy,

Hi. I have been hesitant to write you, I just could not decide if you were real or not. Then I starting “pinning” and I realized you must be real, how else would all those holiday themed lunches I see pinned exist? Am I supposed to believe that real people actually have the time to make heart-shaped sandwiches for Valentines’ Day or a St. Paddy’s Day themed lunch for their little ones??

Let me be honest with you, lunch is not my favorite meal. I am more of a breakfast person. Give me a bowl of cereal and I am a happy girl. I can eat it for any meal and feel content. However, being an adult and mom I realize that I have to prepare meals that consist of things other than some oats covered in milk (with a occassional banana slice thrown in).

I try, I really do, to make lunch fun but you know what, it just isn’t. I now feel for my own mother who made me lunch for 12 years only to hear me complain about having ham again or that my sandwich was squished when I got to school. How did mom not kill me?

So Lunch Fairy, please accept this as a request to retain your services starting ASAP. Just a couple of things you may need to know, J (the 3yo) only eats dino chicken nuggets (the frozen kind) and occasionally pancakes (no butter or syrup) and the twins, well they subside on beige foods (not sandwiches though). M hates fruit and J refuses to drink juice. You can come up with some healthy, fun lunch ideas based on that right?

I will pay whatever your fee is and even offer you a month in advance if you would also be willing to prepare lunch for me as well. I would like one of those healthy, sensible lunches I read about in magazines, you know the ones all the celebs tell us they eat (and make for themselves). Maybe some seasoned grilled chicken breast over mixed baby greens or salmon with steamed veges. I know there is no way that I can prepare those at 5:55am as I wait for the coffee to brew and stare at my empty lunch bag.

Thank you Lunch Fairy and I hope we will be working together for a very long time.

ps – Can you get me the contact information for the Dinner Fairy please 🙂

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