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Mama NEVER said there would be days like this

Ahhhhh TGIM – Thank God it’s Monday!! Yes you are reading that correctly, I am happy it’s Monday.

This weekend was a challenge to say the least. I am not sure if there was a full moon or something funky going on with the gods above but all 4 of my kids were NUTS the entire weekend.

I have blocked Saturday from my memory – trust me it’s better this way  – but let me share a little of my Sunday with you.

It started off as any other day in our house, kids up early (like before 6:30 early) waking me up asking for drinks and breakfast, constant chaos and fights over toys and tv shows and a battle between a Clone warrior and Sponge Bob/Captain America (a/k/a M&L).

The twins have swim lessons on Sunday mornings and I was trying to get their stuff together when I realized M’s Avengers bathing suit was not clean. Oh no, this is not good. After digging through the bathing suits, all I was able to scrounge up were Spiderman and a Hawaiian print suit in M’s size. This was SO not good. The husband said M would have to deal and went off to take out the garbage.

I sent the twins upstairs to get dressed for swim and counted the minutes until the meltdown was sure to begin. 10-9-8-7-6 MMMOOOOMMM where is my Avenger bathing suit??!!

It’s in the washing machine, just wear what I left out and hurry up because Dad is leaving soon, I yelled from the kitchen.

I can’t wear this bathing suit, it’s stupid and I look like a poopy head in it. Mom, Mom, MOMMY I said I want my Avenger bathing suit, I want it now!!! ARGH!!! I am not going to swim, I HATE this bathing suit!

The husband started jingling the keys so I quickly ran upstairs to find M another bathing suit. By the grace of God, the Avenger suit was lying in the laundry basket buried under a pile of sheets – thank god! Crisis averted – sort of.

The little kids were engrossed in an episode of Team Umizoomi when I decided to take advantage and grab a quick shower. Umi was on for at least 15 minutes which was more than enough time, heck, they wouldn’t even realize I was gone.

I was just putting a little spray gel in my hair when I heard the bang of my canisters over the bathroom fan – uh oh. I yelled down to the kids and got no answer. Crap, this can’t be good.

I ran down the steps to find a kitchen chair pushed up against the wall and in the middle of my counter sat L holding the canister lid saying Cookies?

O-M-G!!!!!!!!!!! Get off the counter !!! I yelled (after grabbing my phone to snap a picture). How is this my life???!!

My brother was on his way over to help the husband move a couch so I knew I had to dress the kids. Lately, J has not wanted to get dressed and been a little “difficult” to say the least. Well today proved to be no different. After wrestling, threatening and screaming coaxing J was now naked in his room.

L was wearing a fireman rain jacket and repeatedly yelling Rescue! as he ran around their room taunting J. Finally in a last-ditch effort I took L outside and told J that he could come outside if he got dressed.

My plan back fired. J now stood in the hallway naked (in front of the storm door) and L ran in the street kicking rocks yelling Rescue!

Why me God?

Somehow J finally got dressed (and undressed and dressed again), L took off the rain jacket and I sat on the couch exhausted – it was not even noon!

The rest of the day was a blur that ended with me at Shop Rite around 8:30pm. Life is never boring in my house that’s for sure. But hey, it will get easier right?will get better right?


Oh no mommy’s sick

A box of Scotties tissues

A box of Scotties tissues (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It started Sunday night, that scratchy feeling in my throat and a slight headache. No, it can’t be, I must have drank too much.

Monday morning the alarm went off and my head felt like it weighed 50lbs. I forced myself out of bed thinking a hot shower would make me feel better but it didn’t. When I went down to the kitchen and realized I had no appetite for coffee (gasp!) I knew it was official, I was getting a cold.

When the husband or boys get sick I go into Nurse Noodle mode. I pour the oj, wipe the noses (the kids not the husband) and dole out the ibuprofen. I am there to get blankets or change the movie in the dvd player or even bring a special snack. It’s a mommy’s job to take care of everyone and make them feel better. But who takes care of mommy when she is sick?

All I wanted to do on Monday was take a nap on the couch but try explaining that to 4 kids home from school. My attempts at napping were met with L pulling my eye lids open, J asking for red juice and the twins asking when lunch would be ready. Afterwards there was dinner to be made, clothes to be washed, pajamas to put on and kids to tuck in. Life can’t stop when mommy is sick.

On the way home from work today all I could think about was getting into my pj pants and covering myself with a warm blanket. The kids had other ideas. The 4 boys greeted me at the door, all talking over one another about their day at Bounce U and asking when dinner would be ready.

The husband brought me home soup from the diner and just as I was about to put the spoon to my lips in walked L asking for a spoon and some of my soup. His brothers soon followed asking to go outside and ride their scooters. Ugh, no one cares when mommy is sick.

The kids are in bed, except L who is watching me type. Finally I am in my pj pants, under my blanket debating if I have the energy to make a cup of tea. I hope this cold doesn’t hang around too long. It can’t I am the mommy of the house and I have things to do. Besides everyone knows knows that if mommy is sick no one is happy – most of all mommy.

The Mommy Oath

William Rehnquist oath

Image via Wikipedia

Monday was not a good day. My sitter and the kids were sick so off to the pediatrician we went. Nothing says fun like a sick visit, on a Monday morning, when the doctor is running 20 minutes behind schedule and you are trapped in a windowless room with 4 kids.

I started bribing the older kids before we left the house with promises of donuts or bagels if they behaved at the doctor. Soon, however, this turned into threats of no tv and toys being taken away while they complained about everything from getting dressed, hating bagels  and sitting on the “sick side” of the doctor’s office.

Mooooommmmmmmeeeeee why do we have to sit here they whine. Mooommmmeee the fish tank and toys are on the other side, mommy, mommy, mommy!!

We survived the doctor visit and even scored an antibiotic for an ear infection. Next stop, drop the twins off at pre-k. I was dreading this as much as one dreads a trip to the gynecologist. Drop off would need me to get all 4 kids in/out of the car (and car seats) so we could all stand in a tiny hallway waiting for the teacher to open the door.  It is times like this I miss the relaxed parenting my mom had back in the 70s and early 80s when she  would leave my brother and I in the car while she ran in the post office or bank.  

I get us all out of the car and inside when it starts ….J’s meltdown.  J has had a fear of the twins pre-k since he attended 2 classes there last winter. I ask another mom to walk the twins into class so I could make a quick escape with the 2 little ones. My thought being I could be out of the building and into the van before the meltdown progressed. Not! J decided he wasnt leaving and refused to stand up. I calmly tell him he needs to get up and walk since I can not carry him and his brother but that reasoning was lost on him. I can feel my cheeks starting to get red as the embarrassment builds and decide to “help” J up the stairs and out the door. A couple more minutes and we will be home free!

Nope. The crying escalated as J and L both fought to be carried. There are parents everywhere and I know they are all staring at me. How could they not when I look like a crazy person carrying/dragging 2 screaming kids.

We make it to the van and as I turn to put L in his car seat J takes off in the parking lot. I look around for cameras convinced I am on  Candid Camera. This can not be my life plays over and over again in my head.  On the ride home all I can think about is hiding in my room under the covers trying to erase the mommy moment from my mind.

I can’t be alone in this, others have suffered public humiliation with their children right? It is for this reason that I am suggesting we implement a “Mommy Oath” for all parents/caregivers. It would go something like this:

I promise to try to not judge another mom (or caregiver) who is having a difficult moment with their child while out in public. I will not think badly of them or their parenting and will not make assumptions about them, their children and/or their children’s behavior since I have been there (or will be) myself  and know how badly they feel.

Instead of feeling like a horrible parent and/or totally embarrassed by a situation with your child, you could take a minute, hold your head up and move on knowing it would all be ok.

I know everyone has had their own mommy moment. Instead of being down on ourselves we need to support one another. We are all, as parents and caregivers, hopefully doing the best we can to raise our kids to be mature, responsible and kind-hearted individuals in this complicated world and I for one could use all the support I can get.


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