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Bubbles and Sidewalk Chalk

I was very behind on my Easter Bunny duties this year and found myself in Target (my home away from home) late last Wednesday night. The Easter aisles were completely picked over and desperation was starting to take over. Hmmmm, maybe J would really like the fairy princess headband and didn’t M say he wanted a pack of white t-shirts?

It was getting late and I needed to finish up and get home. I did a last lap around the store and came up with 2 things to complete the Easter baskets – sidewalk chalk (the 64-pack by Crayola because this Bunny was sparing no expense) and bubbles. Hopefully the boys would be distracted by all the candy and snacks and not be too disappointed with the chalk and bubbles.

Easter morning came and the baskets were hurriedly torn apart. There were candy wrappers, half eaten lollipops and plastic grass all over the living room. As the kids started to come down from their sugar high, they noticed the bubbles and chalk on the counter and asked if they could go play outside.

The weather was beautiful on Easter. The sun was out and bright and there was a nice breeze, it was a perfect spring day. The boys patiently waited for us to open the the bubbles and dig around the soapy bottles to find the wands. Before we knew it the yard was a sea of bubbles as the kids chased one another and laughed till their sides hurt. L alternated between spilling his bubbles and saying more bubbles? every 5 minutes.

Soon the twins broke open the chalk and before we knew it, the sidewalk was one endless, artistic masterpiece. The husband and I stared in amazement as all 4 boys, spread out on the chalk covered sidewalk, and not only shared the chalk,  but drew pictures without fighting! It brought me back to my childhood and playing hop scotch outside my grandparent’s house. I used a rock to draw my masterpieces, now the kids were using chalk in colors I never knew existed and loving every minute.

When it was time to come in for lunch they were literally covered in chalk from head to toe. Normally I would roll my eyes and complain about their messy clothes. However, not today. Watching them enjoy themselves and be truly happy was all that mattered. The clothes could be wiped off but nothing could wipe away their smiles.

Who knew something so small could make 4 kids so happy? I guess it is the little things that matter after all.




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