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The Daily Prompt: My Guy

This has probably been one of my longest blogging sabbaticals of my blogging career and I am. not sure why.

I suppose I can use the excuse that I have been “busy” – with family, kids, sickness, work, stress, etc.


The truth is when I started this blog – way back in February 2012 – family, kids, sickness, work and stress were just as much a part of my life as they are now.

However, I did not use them as an excuse not to blog. Rather, I used them as inspiration.

This morning I was having a slight pity party for myself over coffee. The kids were killing each other in the other room over Legos and Skylanders and I was taking solace in my iPhone.

Skimming through my Yahoo account, I glanced at summer sale emails and Facebook updates. Then I saw it…..The Daily Prompt …describe the last time you were moved to tears by something beautiful.

For the first time in awhile, I was actually inspired to pull out the iPad and write a post.

Looking around the kitchen for the keyboard, I was torn between 2 very special memories. Separately, the memories could not be more different – one involves rain the other my son.

Yet to me, they are very much alike in that they both gave me the “feeling” that somehow, someway everything would be all right.

I am not quite ready to share the rain memory with others, for now it is all mine, where it can remain safe and pure.

So the winner, by default, is my son Jake.

Jake is 5yo and my blue-eyed, blond haired, Buddha baby.

On a daily basis I can be moved to tears by Jake and his ability to melt my heart and drive me completely and utterly insane all in a matter of minutes.

You see, Jake has autism (Autism Spectrum Disorder to be exact). He has been diagnosed for almost 2 years and it has been THE most devastating, eye-opening, inspiring, frustrating roller coaster ride of my life.

Jake attends a school for children with special needs. This past May, the school held it’s annual talent show and Jake’s class was participating.

All I was told about Jake’s performance was that he needed to wear black pants and a white shirt. I had no idea what the heck his teacher had planned, and quite frankly, if it would even be any good.

I remember sitting in the packed gym the day of the show feeling very nervous. I had no idea what to expect. Would Jake even participate or would he freak out in front of the school???

The Jake I know is shy and does not “perform” in front of a gym filled with people. Regardless, he is my son and this is what parents do right? No matter what I knew I would clap for Jake louder than anyone there.

The principal handed out programs and Jake’s class was #6. After their names it simply read “My Girl” and then it hit me, I knew exactly what his teacher had in mind and right then, I knew it would be something special.

After what seemed like an eternity finally I heard the beginning beats of The Temptations “My Girl” My stomach was filled with butterflies as I watched Jake’s class walk on stage wearing top hats and bow ties.

The boys (there are 5 boys and 1 girl) took their places around the little girl who was seated on a pink tulle covered bench and THEY WERE PERFORMING!

They sang and danced the entire song and it was nothing short of PERFECTION.

When the kids took their bow, the gym erupted in applause as the teachers shot confetti in the air and we all stood and cheered.

I don’t know if I will ever be able to describe the emotions I felt that day – the pride, happiness, joy and awe all mixed together.

I just remember thinking, and feeling in my gut, that everything would be alright and Jake would be alright.



Random “Monday” Thoughts

Hello and Happy sorta Monday friends. I know it’s really Tuesday but let’s be honest, the Tuesday after a long weekend actually feels worse than any regular Monday doesn’t it?

Was I the only one who woke up today totally stunned, thinking it was Sunday with a slight knot in my stomach when I realized I had to actually go to work today?????

The family and I had a pretty busy Memorial Day weekend this year. Sadly, we were not able to visit the Jersey Shore (in-laws live in Long Beach Island) but we did get invited to a couple of bbqs and the twins marched in their first ever parade with some tball teamates (and daddy).

The weekend was filled with lots of children fighting and many margaritas which could be why my pants are feeling a bit snug today.

And now without further ado, I bring you my random thoughts….

1) Horay for the long, open front cardigan

I could literally hug the person (HAS to be a female) who invented the long, open front cardigan. It is by far my absolute favorite fashion go-to item. If I had to guess, I would say I wear one at least 2 times a week.

I own them in a bunch of colors and fabrics. Some have pockets, some have dolman sleeves (for when I want to look like I am a bat) and some are strictly for winter months and others, like the new one I am wearing today, just scream summer!!

Today’s is white, 3/4 sleeves AND the back is a little longer so it covers by butt. Seriously, does it get any better than that?? I was able to find this beauty at the Loft this weekend AND it was on sale for $44.00 with an extra 50% off.


2) I suck at Candy Crush

A few weeks ago, I talked about my new app obsession Candy Crush. I play it all the time on my iPhone and even got the husband hooked.

I hooked up my Facebook account and now I am able to see how many “friends” also play and what levels they are on (their FB profile pic appears on the cute Candy Crush map).

However, as much as I love this game, I think it is time I come to terms with the fact that I absolutely SUCK at the game.

I have played Crush for at least 3 weeks and I am only on Level 38. This is not “normal” and I am beginning to think I should just give up.

First, I thought it was just a fluke that it was taking me a few days to pass a few levels. I would waste all my lives in a 10-minute setting and was constantly Googling tips to cheat beat the level I was on.

A couple of weeks ago, after being stuck on Level 33 for almost a week, I actually asked someone in work if they would clear the level for me and keep it our little secret. (in my defense this guy is on Level 216).

Well I never had the work guy beat my level, I was able to do it myself but I have been on Level 38 for a week and I don’t think I will ever clear it.

The husband has well surpassed me and I see FB friends whizzing past me daily. I’m torn, do I give up or stick with it? Thoughts anyone???

3) Sometimes being a mom isn’t so bad

As most of you know, my son J was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder about 21/2 years ago. The journey with J has been a roller coaster ride of emotions and “stuff” .

J has really good days, really bad days and everything in between. Through it all J has put on a brave face and is almost always smiling (unless he is angry). When he is happy there is nothing more beautiful than his big, blue eyes looking back at you.

The last couple weeks I have been in an “ASD SUCKS” kinda mood. I know… it can be so much worse; I should be thankful J is doing so well; there are so many others that are worse off yada yada yada. Still, when it is your kid and you have to watch him/her struggle daily it doesn’t matter it just sucks.

This past weekend, however, was A-Mazing with J. It started last Friday when J’s school hosted a talent show. J attends a school for kids with special needs so I was really not expecting much from the talent show.

J’s teacher had mentioned that she had worked with his class for weeks on a routine but kept it a secret. All we were told was that the kids should wear black pants and a white shirt.

The morning of the show, I asked J what he was performing in school. He gave me a shy smile and did some hand motions that made no sense to me at all. Ok, whatever I thought as I got him ready for the bus.

When I arrived at his school, the parking lot was packed. I quickly grabbed 2 seats, the husband was meeting me there, and anxiously waited for the show to start. I grabbed a program, and quickly became annoyed at THE most annoying special-needs- mom in the row ahead of me. She had saved the entire front row and there was no way I could see over her huge ponytail (and big mouth).

The principal handed out programs and under Jake’s class it said “My Girl”. It all made sense, J is in a class with 5 boys and 1 girl. OMG this is going to be awesome….but will J do it or freak out????

J was act #6 and it felt like FOREVER until his class got on “stage.” Finally I heard the music and in walked J’s class. The boys were wearing top hats and bow ties and the little girl sat in the middle on a bench covered in pink tulle.

They all took their places and did the entire routine to perfection! I could not believe my baby was doing that in front of a room full of people. No way that could have happened 2 years ago. To me it was a miracle.

When they took their bow, the room erupted in applause as the teachers shot confetti into the air. They did it – J did it!

I don’t think I will ever be able to describe the feelings I had when J walked off the stage. It was a combination of so many emotions and feelings all mixed together. I just remember thinking that everything would be ok and J will be alright.

My Guy

My Guy

Have a great week everyone and thanks for reading.

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