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Crash & Burn

Mommy and the Soon-to-be Unhappy Birthday Boys

Mommy and the Soon-to-be Unhappy Birthday Boys

Tomorrow (Thursday if I don’t post this today) is the twins’ 7th birthday.

Surprisingly, I am not too overly emotional about this birthday of theirs. I guess J turning 5 and the recent graduations drained me of emotion (lol).

Regardless, I still remember the day they were born like it was yesterday. The excitement, nerves, fear, panic, joy, happiness and nauseousness (thank you magnesium sulfate drip) will forever be ingrained in my memory.

Even now I can still hear the doctors say Baby A is a BOY….Baby B is a BOY and me thinking ummm, NO Baby B is supposed  to be a girl, what am I going to do with TWO BOYS??!!

OMG this will be SO fun! The boys will love this, I can’t wait to tell them all about it. No, better yet, I will keep it a secret!! I told myself as I hit “purchase” online.

Go me…go me…I am the best mom ever!

Fast forward to last night around 8:15pm. M&J are tired and annoyed that I made them take a bath – BAD MOMMY making them take a bath after being at camp all day in 90+ degree weather.

In between whining, M asked me how many more days until his birthday. This is it, I thought. I will tell them now about the baseball game. God, they are going to love me….

Me: M&J? M? J? M&J!

M&J: What, what do you want Mommy?

Me: So guess what? I have a surprise for your birthday on Thursday. Do you wanna know what it is??

M: Is it the Jabba the Hut Lego set I saw in Target with Terri? Is it? Mommy…if I don’t get that for my birthday it will be the worst birthday ever!

Me: (looking completely dumbstruck) What are you talking about…what Jabba Lego? No, I don’t know if anyone got you that. Do you want to know where me and Daddy are going to take you Thursday after camp?

J: OK, what?


M&J: (looking at me with complete and total blank stares)

Me: J…J….J! Aren’t you excited?

J: Huh? What? What kind of baseball game? Is it outside?

Me: What? of course it’s outside.

J: I don’t know.

Me: Ok…M? What do you think? Won’t the game be fun?

M: Are L&J coming with us?

Me: NO, they are staying with Terri. Just you and J and me and Daddy!

M: I don’t know Mom, can I think about it at camp and let you know?

Me: What did you just say?? You don’t want to go to a baseball game??! Why?

M: Moooommmmmm, I said I don’t know. I have to think about it! Besides, you said it was a surprise and how can it be a surprise if you told us before our birthday.

Me: (with tone) Fine…be that way. Me and Daddy will just go alone (how this was a threat is beyond me since I don’t even like baseball)

M: Mom? Mommy? Don’t be mad…I’m sorry I just don’t want to go but it is MY birthday. Can’t we go out to dinner and get fried shrimp?

Me: What? We were at a seafood restaurant Sunday and you said you didn’t want shrimp. Now you tell me you would rather go eat shrimp than go to a baseball game??!!

M: Yes….are you mad? Don’t be mad mom, it’s not your fault I don’t want to go. Hey, I don’t want to wear that shirt to camp tomorrow, can I pick out another one?

And that was it. The BIG surprise I had planned was a complete and utter disaster and I was crushed.

It wasn’t the money, I could care less about that (besides, it was only $30). It’s that I thought the boys would be SO excited and they almost looked sick when I told them. How could I have gotten it so wrong?

Weren’t these the same kids I carried for 38 weeks?

As of now, the husband and I both plan on taking the kids to the game tomorrow night. I even called the stadium to see if the announcer would announce their birthday over the loudspeakers at the game.

I thought we could take them to dinner first before the game. Then maybe, just maybe,  they will have fun. I guess this won’t be their best birthday ever, but hopefully it won’t land them in therapy either (lol).

Wish me luck!! I will keep you posted on the outcome.

Thanks for reading.


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7 thoughts on “Crash & Burn

  1. I completely understand this. My children (especially my oldest), do this all the time! I had to learn that when dealing with my kids, (and my wife as well), that they don’t like surprises. At Christmas time we have the kids make their Santa list and then my wife and I will make lists of things they can get us and we can get each other. And I’m talking about lists with pictures, prices, and where to find the items!

    My Aspie family is very comfortable with their routines and don’t like interruptions to them. So surprises are out. I’m sorry because I know that disappointment you are feeling…but it’s not your fault.

    I hope they like the game and you have a good time!

    • You are SO right!! They are at an age that I should have just
      Asked them about the game.
      Hopefully they will have at least a little
      Fun and on 5 years we can laugh about it.
      I love your lust idea, would work great
      With my ASD son. Thanks!!

  2. Hahaa! Kids can be so ungrateful! Maybe if you take them for shrimp first they will enjoy 🙂

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  4. Bridge Builder on said:

    Still time to get the Lego I’d say 😉 Kids can be just too specific about how they want their stuff. My four year old drives me nuts that way! 😉

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